Games blogging: a reflection!

After almost three months of inactivity and lack of inspiration on the blog, I have decided that it is time to say something! Although this has been an enjoyable little experiment and quite educational, I just wanted to underline that writing for the blog isn’t a particularly high priority for me right now, and I think I’m done. I’m not sure it’s completely over; I may come back to this in six months (or six days, wouldn’t that be embarrassing?) and suddenly feel inspired to write something, but I somehow don’t think that it’s likely.

Three things I have learnt:

#1: I do not want to be a games journalist

Building a portfolio of work (potentially for getting involved with games journalism writing professionally one day) was the original idea and motivation behind this blog. I have realised through my writing that really what I’m interested in more than anything in games is the game academics and philosophy side of things. And, from what I’ve seen this last six months, that is not what games journalism is about most of the time.

I’ve also realised that it is very hard to climb the ladder, and you’ve really got to write a lot of samey articles or brief news pieces, for free, for gaming news sites which are competing with each other in a very saturated market, just to get something on your CV. I realise that this sort of thing is the case for a lot of industries, but I’m not sufficiently motivated by the sort of stuff that I would have to write to want to bother with it.

#2: Google is King

My activity on Google+ and Twitter has dwindled lately, mainly because 99% of my traffic has come from Google – in fact I’ve never seen a single hit come through from social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed a lot of the interactions that have resulted from participating in social media and the WordPress community in general, but for me using social media doesn’t draw people to the blog most of the time – not for the amount of effort that I’m willing to put in, anyway (which admittedly isn’t a lot – call me anti-social if you wish!).

#3: I like to write stuff that helps people

By far my most successful and helpful articles have been the first two that I wrote about TERA and GW2. The only problem is, nothing else on my blog was remotely like that, and I haven’t really had that spark properly since. I mainly ended up writing stuff that other people had already thought of or just stuff that people weren’t really searching for. I also wrote pretty much nothing about MMOs since those first articles, so the people who came to see those posts had nothing to stay for.

I enjoyed writing those articles because I knew it fulfilled a need that nothing else had done properly, and people would find that it helped them with a specific problem – this has not been the case with my other articles, and I find it very hard to find that sweet spot with gaming articles.


This is my way of saying that you probably won’t see much content from this blog for a while, possibly permanently. We shall see. I may surface again with another different blog (one that isn’t just gaming perhaps!), as this place has shown me that blogging can be an enjoyable way to get some writing done while also doing something constructive.


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