Gaming this Week: Just Cause 2, Nostalgia, and Ninja Blade

I’ve been pretty ill with yet another winter bug this last week, hence the delay and no post on Wednesday! This isn’t really gaming this week so much as gaming this fortnight, but heyho. I needed to do something to get myself back into the flow of writing.

My Gaming

During my illness I’ve had a bit of a foray onto my old Dreamcast – still works after 12 years! Shenmue has been played once again. Great game, so much nostalgia! Sadly Disc 3 no longer works so I couldn’t finish my playthrough.

Other than that I’ve been playing Just Cause 2 on and off. I heard it was a good romp, and that it didn’t require much brainpower, so it seemed like a good thing to play after stretching my noggin in The Cave recently! It’s shallow but awesome, and was made far more awesome I found by downloading cheesy mods made by the community.

Nuclear explosion in Just Cause 2!

Nuclear rockets in Just Cause 2. Yes, it’s possible.

In other news, just before I got ill there was a nice deal by GreenManGaming to get a game called Ninja Blade for free – I’ve never heard of it before, but wow! It’s like Ninja Gaiden but better, for me. If you’re a fan of action games this seems seriously worth picking up – only £7.99 normally.

As for what’s coming well, I’ll keep playing Ninja Blade for sure. I’m also taking advantage of the recent Steam for Linux Celebration Sale to pick up a few more indie titles that I missed – I KNOW, I’m buying more indies. I started this blog with a comparison between well-known MMORPGs and now I’m going all single player indie. I’m sure I must be sending very mixed messages!

Ninja Blade is mainstream-ish, right?

Fighting against a many-legged creature in Ninja Blade.

This week’s highlight: the first hour of Ninja Blade! Whipping blades into the faces of infected zombies, watching surprisingly well-acted cutscenes, and freerunning over Tokyo rooftops like some sort of Asian Prince of Persia. Awesomesauce.

Gaming News & Blogroll

This is old news, but it excited me so much that I have to include it! Bethesda released the soundtracks to the Elder Scrolls games on iTunes. For me, this meant instantly downloading the Morrowind soundtrack. Nothing beats Nerevar Rising!

In other news, Scribblenauts Unlimited has been delayed for us EU people once again. And at the last minute. Poor form Warner Bros. As I was writing this I discovered that Scribblenauts has now been released! That was a random little delay they had there.

Journey dominated the D.I.C.E. awards as you’ve probably heard – I was disappointed that Dishonored didn’t get any awards despite its many nominations, that was a really great game.

Wasteland 2 has seen some in-game footage released as well – this game has intrigued me in the past as I read that it was a spiritual successor to Fallout. Not so interested after seeing this – it’s a bit too pen and paper for me (I’m not good with stats and numbers!)

Assassin’s Creed 4 will apparently have a new hero and a new time period, and a new development team to boot! I’m not sure what to think of this – are they implying that we’ll lose Desmond? If so I know that will make a lot of people happy! To be clear I haven’t played AC3 yet so for all I know he dies at the end. The main question for me is… World War 1 or 2? Come on, it has to be one of those next!

Last but not least I found this interview with Jesse Schell really interesting. It’s long, but good, covering monetisation in games and the mistakes often made, the gamification industry, and the possible future of gaming user interfaces.

Anyway, now for a few blog posts that piqued my interest!

That’s all for Gaming this Week. Random thoughts expunged, onwards to writing other things!

Oh, and I got really addicted to Twine recently. If you ever enjoyed “make your own adventure” style books, this lets you write your own! Seriously, if you haven’t already, download Twine and have a play.

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