Gaming this Week: Weekly Blogroll & News

So yes, hi there! I’ve now made my first post as of a few days ago. I launched this blog to try and illustrate my ability as a games journalist, to act mainly as a portfolio, but I’m also interested in seeing if I can find ways to make the blog more public – and maybe meet some cool people while I’m at it (it turns out I already have). Maybe I’ll learn something new about social media to boot!

Each Saturday/Sunday I’ll be doing an informal updatey type post like this, in which I’ll include some interesting stuff from other blogs that I’ve seen. To business!

  • Troubled Witcher, returning to Skyrim by SynCaine at Hardcore Casual – this interested me because I had a similar experience with The Witcher 2. I’m wondering about doing a post about that at some point, because it really surprised me. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, with it being a sequel and all, but I kind of trusted that developer.
  • Devils will Cry by Lauren Wainwright at Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix (try saying that twice fast) – because it gave me hope that maybe DmC won’t be as annoying as it was made to sound!
  • The Problem with Botting by Tobold Stoutfoot at Tobold’s Blog – I used to bot on Ragnarok Online many years ago, largely for the reasons that he states – because “Bots play tedious games for you, thus saving you the bother of playing the games yourself”. I don’t do it any more, but it’s a valid point – why do MMORPGs have to have these tedious junk barriers filled with obstacles to progression that nobody enjoys, to the point where some actually want to bot?
  • Notes from the Wild by Michael Abbott at The Brainy Gamer – a very interesting post about going completely offline (something we should probably all do once in a while) and speaking to real people about gaming and their awareness of it.
  • TERA: in before the F2P conversion by Telwyn at GamingSF – I had similar thoughts about possibly getting in to TERA and getting Founder status… I still haven’t bothered though!
  • GW2: The Future by Pitrelli at Casual Gamer Chronicles – an interesting post on some key features of the new patch content in Guild Wars 2, including improved grouping features that I didn’t know about.

And that’s it. Not too long I think!

You may have seen my first post about TERA: Rising and Guild Wars 2 a few days ago. I’ll be keeping to a reasonably strict writing schedule, aiming to update a few times a week, with one big post every week mid week, partly to see if I can stick to it, and because I got stuff to say damn it! And I will be talking about games other than MMORPGs, promise!

Expect another post on Monday (gosh I’m being keen).

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